Middle Mouse Button: why in version 4.x can't you assign under Controls?

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Middle Mouse Button: why in version 4.x can't you assign under Controls?

Postby ncp10 » Sat Mar 21, 2020 3:28 pm

I just purchased, now for the 3rd time, a license for P3D at $199 apiece. I'm hope with my contributions I can get some support on this small but annoying change that happened w/ this version that is unlike FSX, P3D 2.x and P3D 3.x.

Background: by default Mouse Look can be toggled on and off by this key combination: shift-O. In all prior versions, one could use Microsoft's Intellipoint or Keyboard and Mouse Center, to reassign the middle mouse button press to execute a key combination. Since FSX I configured the middle mouse button (using the above programs from MS) to execute a shift-O key press.

Why should this matter to anyone? Just try hitting shift-O and you will surely see how far superior this is to, for example, FSUIPC's 'Mouse Look' checkbox on its Miscellaneous tab. Suffice it to say the former is far more fluid, gently self-centers vertically and horizontally when your pan briskly towards center for example. Please take a second to see this for yourself simply by comparing FSUIPC's mouse look first, panning in the VC to see how it functions. Now disable it in FSUIPC, and simply use shift-O to turn on in-sim mouse look. Of course one can continue to just use the key press shift-O (or any other key combination you set up). But you then lose the ability to do this with one hand--your mouse hand, so toggling mouse look on and off becomes a two-hand operation so is not nearly as desirable over one-hand.

For some reason the MS's apps used to reassign the middle mouse button no longer work to make the middle mouse button effect a key combination. And it's not in Windows 10 per se because one can reassign the MMB to a key combination that does work on the desktop or in other applications. SOMETHING in P3D 4.5 specifically, and unlike in FSX/P3D 2.x/3.x (my only experience w/ 4.x) prevents the middle mouse button from responding to the reassignment thru the MS applets mentioned.

Please help me nail down what is happening here. I can verify this has now happened w/ two complete new installs of P3D 4.5 in new Win 10 installs.

Thanks, standing by for a response from LM support.


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