Hotfix downgrade

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Hotfix downgrade

Postby Gonzo13 » Fri May 29, 2020 2:38 pm

Hello all. I recently moved p3d over to a new internal drive using my original download (4.5.12) but for some reason had massive frame drops so went for a fresh install off the website. This was great untill i realised it was 4.5.14 and tacpack is not yet updated to work with it. Due to flying online with a military group the need for weapons is a must. I thought i would try again with 4.5.12 but again massive frame drops... i want to try 4.5.13 but cant find a way to download it as my only option is hotfix 3. can anyone please assist?

this is not a hardware problem, 4.5.14 worked fine and frames were fine, but due to the weapons i cant keep this version at this time.

many thanks

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